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   Keep The Event Simple & Elegant !


I think the first rule of any event big or small is to keep it simple and elegant and always have an event timeline no matter how simple the event is this will create a good flow to the event.

Speeches/Toasts should be done at the beginning of the event so that you have everybodys attention and focus !

Boston Event Dj Nick Lamberti

                       Floor Plan !

December 2018

Please remember to have a floor plan and detail for your event and please remember to have a dance floor if dancing is part of your event and set up the Dj near the dance floor.

As professional Djs we do not want to be trying to project sound from a corner with tables in front of us and annoy or offend guests no matter how low the volume !

Also remember to have the Dj in the same room as the audience this is very very important ! 

There is a disconnect in the communications and vibe created by the Dj in a separate room  !

We need to interact, announce and work with the audience!